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A small popcorn popper rental makes every event better.
Popcorn Machine
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Popcorn Supplies

Popcorn Popper Rental in Atlanta
Sturdy construction, featuring a heat lamp and heated cabinet to keep the popcorn hot and fresh.  Capacity is approximately 120 servings per hour.
Popcorn scoop included in rental.
Add a 2 wheeled cart for only $35 - $45 more.

Dimensions: 16"D x 18"W x 30"H
Electrical: 120 Volts, 1220 Watts

 Per Day $70.00  
 Friday - Sunday & Holidays  80.00  
 Additional Machines 70.00  

 2-Wheel Popcorn Cart
Large wheels and bright décor make this rental a real eye catcher. Open back for storage. Use with the popcorn popper or warmer.

Dimensions: 16"D x 18"W x 31"H

 Per Day $35.00  
 Friday - Sunday & Holidays  45.00  
 Additional Carts 35.00  

Popcorn cart
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Popcorn Supplies

Popcorn Warmer for your Party
Popcorn Warmer
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Popcorn Supplies

Popcorn Warmer Rental
This unit fills the need for those who don't want to pop corn themselves.  Small and compact, this unit holds enough pre-popped popcorn for about 70 - 100 servings at a time .  Heat lamp keeps popcorn warm. Pre-popped popcorn available below.
Add a 2 wheeled cart for only $25 - $35 more.

Dimensions: 16"D x 18"W x 30"H
Electrical: 120 Volts, 900 Watts
 Per Day $45.00  
 Friday - Sunday & Holidays  55.00  
 Additional Machines 45.00  

 Pre-popped Popcorn

Pre popped boxed popcorn
100 - 1 oz filled boxes ..... $65.00 per 100
80 - 1.5 oz filled boxes ... $60.00 per 80
6 - 22 oz, 4 Gallon Bags ... $29.70
1 - 5 lb, 15 Gallon Bag .... $14.95
1 - 10 lb, 30 Gallon Bag .... $29.95

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How to clean and maintain the Popcorn Machine

1. After unit has been unplugged and allowed to cool, remove any excess popcorn remaining in bottom.
REMEMBER - both glass and stainless materials retain heat well so allow time to cool prior to cleaning.
2. Clean glass with household glass cleaner. Never use any cleaners when there is popcorn in the machine!
3. If needed you may clean inside of kettle with a fine steel wool pad.
4. Remove and clean screening tray.
5. Use only food safe cleaners on all components.



Kettle will not heat
a) Make sure the popcorn machine is plugged in and getting electricity.
b) Check connection of kettle plug at top interior of case.
c) Turn kettle/stirrer switch on.

Kettle smokes
a) Be sure to not pre-heat the kettle more than a minute or two.
On the last batch, turn off the kettle heat once the corn is popping vigorously.
b) Check type of oil used. Choose popping oil designed for popcorn kettles because these oils have a higher burning point.
c) Kettle may need cleaning.

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