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flashing cotton candy cone
 Flashing Cotton Candy Cone

Glow Cone is the newest novelty to hit the amusement park, carnival, circus, fair, and special event industry! Glow Cone has been a hit at venues across the globe. Add a bit of life to that ordinary stick of cotton candy with Glow Cone!

LED Technology - 8 Different light modes

Cone 1/$2.95 400/$1.95

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cotton candy floss sugar

 Cotton Candy Floss Sugar

Ready to use mix contains special sugar, color
 and flavor. One 1/2 gallon carton makes about
60-70 cotton candy cones.

Carton 1/$7.95 6/$5.95

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cotton candy supplies


Mix your own floss sugar. One to two tablespoons of flossine to every 10 lbs of sugar. Why pay to ship sugar? Makes bright pastel colored cotton candy.
Jar 1/$8.95 12/$7.95

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 6 Flossine Packets

Mix your own floss sugar. One packet to every 5 lbs of sugar.  Enough for 600 cones! Why pay to ship sugar? Works great in any machine/model.
6 Packets  $12.95

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cotton candy cones

Paper Cotton Candy Cones

100 ct 1/$6.95 4/$5.95

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1000 ct 1/$29.95 4/$24.95

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12" Wooden Cotton Candy Sticks

Our 5 bag (5 oz) prepackaged
Cotton Candy shown on the stick.

Stick 1/$0.30 500/$0.28

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cotton candy lollipop lorax Truffula trees 8" Paper Cotton Candy Sticks

Cotton Candy Lollipop shown on the stick.

Stick 1/$0.22 500/$0.20

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6" Candy Sticks with Ball
(psst.. they're rock candy sticks)

The cotton candy in the picture was spun directly
onto the stick. Cotton candy is not included.

Stick 1/$0.22 100/$0.20

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Clown Cotton Candy Bags

Printed Quick Pak Bags   12"x18"
100 ct 1/$8.95 10/$4.95

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Pre-packaged Cotton Candy

Bagged Cotton Candy

We use our own special blend of sugars which results in the fluffiest and best melt-in-your-mouth Cotton Candy. Each bag is heat-sealed to keep air and moisture out and the Cotton Candy fresh and fluffy for weeks. This is real cotton candy like you'd get at the fair. We can also spin on site if you prefer.

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cotton candy cups

Cotton Candy in Cups

Our melt-in-your-mouth Cotton Candy is also available in handy re-sealable plastic cups.

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How to make Cotton Candy
I.  UNPLUG the machine from socket prior to cleaning or disassembly.
3. Wear protective eye covering and use the cotton candy bubble.
Any person (s) operating the equipment must be at least 18 years old.

1. With pan off of the cotton candy machine, make sure both knobs on either side of the head are loosened (turn the round quarter size knobs counter clockwise to loosen). These have been tightened to keep the motor steady during transport.

2. Clip on the Floss Bubble with the open side facing the backside where the operator will work. This safety feature protects the "little ones" on the customer side of the machine from the hard sugar granules that shoot out or getting their finger popped by the floaters.

3. With the machine off, fill the spinner head in the center of the machine to within " of the top. Filling to the top would cause sugar to fly when the machine is turned on.

4. Flip on the motor switch (lower left) then the heat switch (lower right). Ultimately sugar granules shoot out until the heat melts the sugar. Wisps of sugar will fly in the air until enough gets a good grip on the plastic mesh. Build up a thick "webbing" before lifting floss from the machine (see the back for procedure). Use the Fine Heat Tuning knob (top center) to adjust the speed the floss is extruded (the hotter - to the right- the faster it comes out).

5. If you need to take a short break, it is only necessary to turn off the heat switch (lower right). You may keep the motor running.

6. When finished, turn off both switches. TIGHTEN BOTH KNOBS UNDER THE PAN (turn clockwise).

- Bagged cotton candy keeps a day or two, depending on the humidity
- Use bags to make and display cotton candy in advance - use cones for immediate sales
- If machine will be used more than 15ft. from power source, be sure to use a grounded heavy-duty extension cord

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