Candy Apple Bags

Candy Apple Bags
Poly Candy Apple Bags with satchel bottom, packaged 1000 per case. These poly apple bags are an attractive way to sell candy apples. Candy apple bag measures 6" wide x 6" high. Twist ties are NOT included.  $39.99 for a package of 1,000.

 Cello Apple Wrap
Keep apples fresher, longer, and let folks take them home. Crystal clear  cellophane actually makes apples look brighter. 12" x 12".

Pkg. of 1000 ... $41.95  Add to cart

Cello Apple Wrap
candy caramel apple twist ties Candy Apple Twist ties  

4 twist-ties, packaged 2000 per case. An inexpensive, attractive and easy way to close your apple wraps and candy apple bags.
$5.95 per 2,000   Add to cart
3" Clear Apple Bubble w Snap
Case of  750 ... $79.95
Caramel Apple Tray
Victors Red Candy Apple Magic Cherry Apple Mix
Anyone can make good tasting candy apples with Victor's Apple Magic. It's easy to use! Just add sugar and water - cook and you are ready to dip.  Makes 70-100 apples depending on size.

Victor Candy Apple 15 oz bag ... $3.25  Add to cart
Case of  18 bags ... $39.95
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  Caramel Apple Dip
The most consistent, super quality caramel apple dip available! Quality checked during each batch to make sure it is perfect. Sticks to the apples, never gets grainy, easy to work with and a wonderful taste - the standard of the industry.

#10 Can ... $24.95  Add to cart
 caramel apple dip can

Wood Candy Apple Sticks
5-1/2 x 1/4" long, semi pointed.

Bag of 100 ...  $5.95    Add to cart

Case of 1000 ... $24.95  Add to cart

Candy/Deep Fryer Thermometer
Stainless steel, 12" long, with adjustable kettle clip and insulated handle. Registers up to 400 degrees.

$24.95 Add to cart
Candy Apple Pan, Large Full size sheet pan for Candy Apples. $14.95

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