Popcorn/Cotton Candy FAQ Page
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Do you give discounts for larger orders?
Popcorn eligble for a discount is marked with a *

Do you sell to individuals or just businesses?
Yes, we sell to individuals, groups & non-profits.

Do you ship?
Yes, we ship to every state except Alaska & Hawaii.

How much popcorn do I need for my party / event?
That amount can vary greatly depending on your individual needs!  As a general starting point, plan for at least two cups of popcorn per person.
How many cups of popcorn are in each Heat-Sealed bag?
Our 6x9 bag holds 4 cups of popcorn.
Our 6x12 bag holds 6 cups of popcorn.
Our 6x15 bag holds 8 cups of popcorn.

The 6x9 bag fits in the 1.5 oz close top popcorn box.

How many cups of popcorn are in each Twist-tied bag?
Our 2 gallon bag is 8x4x18 and holds 26 cups of popcorn.
Our 3.5 gallon bag is 8x4x22 and holds 40 cups of popcorn.
Our 15 gallon bag is 18x18x40 and holds 200 cups of popcorn.
Our 30 gallon bag is 24x26x48 and holds 400 cups of popcorn.

* All bag measurements are with flat, empty bags. *

How much does the popcorn weigh?
A Gallon of Buttery Popcorn weighs 1/3 - 1/2 lb.
A Gallon of Colored, Buttery Popcorn weighs 1/3 - 1/2 lb.
A Gallon of Color, Candy Glazed weighs 3/4 - 1 lb.
A Gallon of Kettle Corn weighs 3/4 - 1 lb.
A Gallon of Caramel Corn weighs 1 - 1.25 lb.

You must have a giant warehouse full of product! Is it fresh?
We hand-make every batch of popcorn and cotton candy to order! If the product is kept in a cool, dry location (an air-conditioned room for example) it should stay fresh for weeks.

When should I place my order?
Please place your order as soon as you decide you want to order from us. You can choose your delivery date at check out. 

Can I Pick up?
We are available for pick ups from 10 am to 4 pm, Monday - Friday.
As all products are made fresh to order, please allow at least 48 hours for us to create your order prior to pick up; be sure to specify pick up date and time in the comment section when ordering.

Where are you?
120 Gloster Rd NW, #8, Lawrenceville, GA 30044
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Can I put my own labels on the bags?
Yes, you are welcome to make your own labels. We can also fill bags you have custom printed. We recommend Atlanta Cello & Polly (770) 734-9626, they have a 10k minimum bag order for custom printed bags.

Do you take Orders over the phone?
No. To avoid any discrepencies on the orders we ask that you use our online cart. You can pick your colors and receive by date during check out.

What colors do the popcorn come in?
Usually a mix of red, blue, purple and orange unless a single color or a different color combination is requested. Red, Pink, Blue, Orange, Yellow, Green, Purple, Gray, Black and White are usually available. You can choose your colors at check out.

What about Nuts?
None of our products EVER come in contact with peanuts or any tree nuts.
Popcorn and Cotton Candy are not simply a side line to a peanut business for us.

Do you accept Purchase Orders?
The PO option is for military orders and large hospitals only.

Can you donate popcorn or cotton candy to us?
There are thousands of excellent non-profits, schools and churches. The large majority of what we do is for fundraisers. Our prices are very competitive as we try to help everyone be as successful as possible.

Do you wholesale your products?
The prices that are listed on the internet are our prices whether you are buying for yourself, to resell or give away. Popcorn and Cotton Candy are very labor intensive and we can not go below those prices and remain in business.

Can you send me a sample of your popcorn/cotton candy?
Our sample boxes are the best way to get a taste of our different products.

Do you charge sales tax?
We collect sales tax on all orders shipped within the state of Georgia.

What colors does the cotton candy come in?
Usually a mix of pink and blue unless a single color or a different color is requested. Red, Pink, Blue, Orange, Yellow, Green, Purple, Gray and White are available. You can choose your colors at check out.

Are the bags clear?
Yes, the bags are unprinted/plain. They are perfect for your label/logo.
Our name and contact info appear on the bottom of the back of the bag.

What is your refund policy?
Due to the perishable nature of our products, ALL SALES ARE FINAL!  We are not responsible for missed events due to cancelations, over-ordering and/or adverse weather conditions.

Orders Damaged in Shipping
If you believe a package was damaged in transit, please refuse shipment and tell the carrier that you are refusing delivery because the package is damaged. Then send an email and pictures to sandy@sakida.com to inform us of the situation. If you are not present at the time of the delivery and cannot refuse shipment, please email us at sandy@sakida.com to make arrangements to return the damaged order.

Popcorn Ingredient Information
Buttery Popcorn: Popcorn, coconut or canola oil, salt, artificial butter flavor, soy, beta carotene and FD&C yellow 5 & 6.
Cheese Corn: Popcorn, coconut or canola oil, partially hydrogenated soybean oil, whey, cheddar/blue cheeses (pasteurized milk, cheese cultures, salt, enzymes), salt, whey protein concentrate, nonfat milk, sodium phosphate, turmeric extract (color), citric acid and Yellow 5 & 6.
Caramel Corn: Popcorn, coconut oil, sugar, brown sugar, molasses, butter caramel, butter & toffee flavors, soy lecithin, salt, cane caramel color, yellow 5, red 40, blue 1.
Rainbow Corn: Popcorn, corn oil, sugar, coconut oil, artificial and natural flavor, lecithin, red #3 and blue #1.
Kettle Corn: Popcorn, corn oil, sugar, lecithin, salt & artificial flavors.

Still can't find the answer to your question? Please email either ellie@sakida.com or kimmie@sakida.com or sandy@sakida.com

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How much do the Candied, Colored and Kettle Corn bags weigh?
Our 6x9 bag weighs 3.5 oz.
Our 6x15 bag weighs 8 oz.
Our 2 gallon bag weighs 24 oz.
Our 3.5 gallon bag weighs 2-3 lbs.
Our 15 gallon bag weighs 12-15 lbs.