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Since 1998 Atlanta Concessions & Catering has become a premier caterer for our clients through our professional barbecue, seafood, crepe and carnival food services in Atlanta.   If you want a low country boil or seafood catering complete with crab legs, oysters and/or shrimp, we're here to help. We can cater any and all events where ever you want them, we are completely self-contained.

Have a carnival or fair coming up in the Atlanta, GA area? We'll show you how to have fun and make money too! Let our Event Planners handle your concession supplies and prepackaged popcorn cotton candy for you. Whether it's a simple concession stand with frozen drinks, popcorn, cotton candy, sno kones, funnel cakes and candy apples or an entire festival, we can do it for you. You'll have less hassles and more choices.  Enjoy the advantage of not having to hire several small vendors or recruiting volunteers. 

To ensure the freshest possible product, our pre-packaged cotton candy and popcorn are made to order at our store, not ahead of time. Our cotton candy is real cotton candy like at the fair. Our bagged or boxed pre-popped popcorn tastes just like you'd get at a quality theater.  Our buttery, caramel, kettle, rainbow and cheese corn are made when ordered, not ahead of time. Some of the larger shops warehouse their popcorn for months. Order from our online store or come by and see us in Lawrenceville, GA!

We sell to the public and ship anywhere in the United States!
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Caramel Corn
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Cotton Candy
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